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Oct 6, 2016

Great night, 25 teams attended The Community Centre Quiz.

Oct 6, 2016
On Sunday 18th September 22 people met Vince Dean at The Maypole car park on a beautiful sunny afternoon.
Jun 26, 2016
Our friends from Gorron duly arrived on Saturday 25th June to participate in the '999' day on Sunday 26th June. A truly excellent day for all concerned, and a great addition to our twinning activities.
Jun 19, 2016
Grand Reception in Gorron for Hayling Island Cyclists by Sue Loveridge


About 20 years ago Averil & Ian Pollicott purchased a house in the town of Gorron , in the department of Mayenne, in France, about 80 miles south of Caen . They spent their summers there and made many friends. Whenever they arrived in Gorron there would be invitations to dinner and barbeques with townspeople of Gorron. One particular friend was Catherine Duchemin. Catherine was a primary schoolteacher in Gorron and her husband Michel was the local blacksmith (actually an artist in metalwork). They had four children who became friends with Ashley and Faye, the Pollicott's children. Over the years the Pollicotts and their friends in Gorron discussed the differences between Hayling Island and Gorron. The Gorronnais had a long trek to the sea and were fascinated that Averil & Ian could walk in 15 minutes.

Gorron was already twinned with Schweikheim in Germany . This had come about 20 years after World War 2, when prisoners-of-war, who had been sent to Gorron to work on the land at the end of the war, wanted to return to visit because they had been treated so well. Cathy & Averil talked long into the night about the prospect of Gorron and Hayling Island becoming twinned. Gorron & Schweikheim Twinning is a civil Twinning. Cathy & Averil wanted their twinning to be a social twinning. Although the Gorron council is involved with finance and Havant Borough Council mayors are invited guests, some councillors on both sides being Twinning members, the association has remained a social twinning The Hayling Island Gorron Twinning Association has now been in existence for 12 years.

We had our 10 th Anniversary in 2008 and Gorron will have theirs in 2010. We are proud that the Island 's friendship with Gorron is permanently commemorated on the Welcome to Hayling signs at the bridge and the ferry, as well as by the Gorron Roundabout at Beachlands.   You may also see the original charters for both communities on the wall at the library, as well as a glass cabinet containing memorabilia collected over the years. Outside is the Twinning Calvados apple tree, donated by the French town of Cormeilles, planted in 1998, beneath which is the 10 th Anniversary plaque, unveiled in 2008. We planted its counterpart, a column oak, donated by the Friends of Hayling Trees, in Place Hayling Island in Gorron and we are pleased to say that it is also flourishing.

 We visit each other every other year, that is, one year Hayling and one year Gorron. We, now, have a membership on Hayling of some 80 people. We try to have a social event at least once a month and we travel to Gorron, as mentioned, every other year, but also visit for the Christmas Fair in December and La Fete de Musique in June. Many groups from the Island have also visited Gorron over the past few years, including the Junior Operatic Society, young and veterans' football teams, the Hayling Island Wine Society, the Paris to Hayling Charity Cycle Ride and Island Dance Fusion (formally Island Tap School). 

As we are a social Twinning, we have to raise funds to enable us to visit Gorron and to host the Gorronais when they come over. To this end we have two main fund raising events – the Annual Quiz and the Ale-ing Fest (Hayling's Annual Beer Festival).  

If you would like to become a member it is not expensive - £6 per year for a single membership and £10 per year for a couple or family, payable by standing order, where possible. We send newsletters three or four times a year by e-mail and post (if you don't have e-mail).


  Twinning Timeline


1st public meeting to form Twinning and organise a Committee, held at Seacourt.
25 - 26th July
Signing of English version of Twinning charters on Hayling.  Calvados apple tree planted
outside Hayling Library.
26 - 27th September
Signing of French version of Twinning charters in Gorron Mairie.  Oak tree planted in Gorron.
Hayling Vets football team played Gorron Vets.
31st October
HIJOS perform an evening of song and dance in Gorron.


Hayling band Kempes played in Montenay near Ernee.
3rd March
1st Twinning AGM.
Gorron rock band Bad fingers played at Rose in June and Lilly Sugars.
15th - 16th May
Hayling U14 and vets football teams played at Gorron in tournament with Gorron's other twinning town Schwickheim in Germany.
2nd - 3rd October
Hayling Twinning Members visit Gorron.


9th March
2nd Twinning AGM.
22nd - 24th April
Gorronais Twinning members visit Hayling.
Gorronais vets play return match on Hayling.
23rd – 25th June
Twinning visit to Gorron – unveiling of official twinning road sign at entrance to town.
11 young visitors from Gorron visited Hayling.
17th December
Twining members hold a stall Gorron Christmas Fayre.


8th March
3rd Twinning AGM – new Twinning crest revealed.
24th March
'Alliance Francaise' – promotional event held at Mill Rythe school French B & B and restaurant owners from the Loire region visited.
7th - 9th April
Island Tap School visit Gorron, perform a show at the Cinema.
16th December
Gorron Christmas fayre.


26th March
4th Twinning AGM
30th March -1st April
Gorronais Twinning members visit Hayling.
Ramsbottoms Solicitors agree to sponsor newsletter..
15th December
Gorron Christmas market.


Hayling Twinning members visit Gorron – road renamed to Rue de Hayling Island.
18th - 21st August
VIT ANIM youth organisation (8 members) visit Hayling.
14th December
Gorron Christmas Market.


New welcome sign at Hayling bridge revealed showing the Twinning connection.
22nd March
6th Twinning AGM.
10th - 12th April
Gorronais Twinning members visit Hayling.
19th December
Gorron Christmas Market.


Hayling Twinning members visit Gorron.
5th – 6th August
Twinning take over running of Ale-ing Fest.
11th December
Gorron Christmas Market.


Gorronaise Twinning members visit Hayling.
21st – 23rd April
1st Hayling to Gorron bike ride.
26th - 28th May
20th Anniversary Twinning of Gorron with Schweikheim.  Hayling members visited, new twinning sign revealed on Rond Point European
6th – 7th October
2nd year Twinning runs the Ale-ing Fest.


6th - 9th April
Hayling Twinning members visit Gorron.
19th March
Twinning AGM.
13th -16th April
2nd bike ride from Hayling to Gorron.
26th - 27th October
3rd year Twinning runs the Ale-ing Fest.
9th December
Gorron Christmas Market.


1st - 4th May
10th Anniversary celebration. Gorronaise visit Hayling. Went to Southwick House, Southwick
Park, took in the D-Day Map room and the Military Police Museum. Visited Suthwyk Ales, had
lunch at the Churchillian and played skittles at the Royal British Legion. Unveiled a plaque
under the Twinning Tree. Celebratory dinner at Hayling Golf Club and visited new Twinning
Sign at Hayling Bridge.
Fete de la Musique 'Golden Boulder' from Bognor played.
12th -15th December
Gorron Christmas Market.


27th March
Twinning AGM.
15th - 17th May
Island Dance Fusion visit Gorron – put on a show at the Sports Centre for the townspeople.
Fete de la Musique 'Golden Boulder' from  Bognor played for a 2nd year
13th December
Gorron Christmas Market


17th March
Twinning AGM
28th - 31st May
10th Anniversary of Twinning for Gorron
Presentation of hand crafted bench and twinning flag to the Gorronaise

19th June
Fete de la Musique 'Golden Boulder' performed.

31st July

Annual BBQ

12th November

Twinning quiz at Community Centre

1st & 2nd October

Ale-ing Fest


Wine Tasting Evening

10th – 13th December
Gorron Christmas Market.

14th December

New canopy unveiled at Hayling Community Centre, the canopy cost

£7,800 and was paid for through a range of council grants and

Hayling Island-Gorron Twinning Association.


22nd January. 

Twinning Christmas Dinner held at the Hayling Golf Club

17th March

AGM & Skittles evening

23rd – 25th April

Gorronaise visit Hayling, Saturday big breakfast the Community Centre, followed

by a visit to Northney Farm. Sunday trip to Weald and Down museum at Singleton followed

 by a dinner at theInnon the Beach for 70. Monday a guided tour of the newly refurbished

 St Marys Church, followed by a lunch at The British Legion and long farewells


Hayling United U14’s football team travelled to Gorron for a friendly football match against

the French U14’s. The match finished 5-4 infavour of Hayling United

17th June

Fete de la Musique

14th July

Gorron Athletic Club Run

26 Runners from the Gorron Athletic Running Club arrive on Hayling, after an

overnight stay they jog all the way back to Gorron including on the ferry

23rd July

Annual BBQ


The twinning association entered a float for the last ever Hayling carnival

7th & 8th October

Ale-ing Fest

13th October

First Wessex Housing Association names newly built block of flats “Gorron House” and

 invited the Mayor of Gorron along with the Mayor of Havant to jointly open the new

 development twinning members also attended the opening ceremony

9th - 12th December

Gorron Xmas Market


 25th Feb 2012

 Annual Dinner at the Moghul Indian restaurant

16th March

AGM & Skittles evening

6th - 9th April

Bi-annual visit to Gorron including a visit to a vineyard in theLoireValleyat Chalonnes surLoire,

followed by a visit to a museum, where rooms were set out as time capsules of a bygone age.

The second day saw us visit the Robert Tatin museum and gardens followed by a guided tour of a small  village , Parne sur Roc with its preserved medieval houses. On the day of departure we met at the Espace de Colmont in Gorron, the newly constructed community centre for Gorron

28th April

Cosy quiz


Gorron prize winners visit Hayling, the Gorron Twinning Association raised funds via

 bingo and other events and offered a weekend to Hayling as the 1st prize

16th July

Fete de la Musique, new local band Velvet Lips appear in Gorron for the first time

14th July

Annual BBQ, boy did it rain, we needed wellies but the event went ahead

5th – 6th October

Ale-ing Fest


Web site revamped

7th December

The Twinning Association manned a stall as part of the late night shopping in Mengham