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Feb 21, 2019
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Feb 21, 2019
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Feb 21, 2019


Aug 6, 2018
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Who Are We?

The Twinning Association is open to everyone and anyone. There are no pre-requisites other than the wish to socialise and perhaps help out occasionally with events.
There is no requirement for members to speak french or even go on the french trips since many members simply enjoy the Association's Hayling Island based social events. See below for information on how to join us, and for more information on the current organisation please look at our organisation page.

Jun 26, 2016

999 Emergency Services Day

Our friends from Gorron duly arrived on Saturday 25th June to participate in the '999' day on Sunday 26th June. A truly excellent day for all concerned, and a great addition to our twinning activities.
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Posted by: Stacey

'Neuf Neuf Neuf 'and 'V' signs! Sunday 26th June by Toby Hazan

Whether you were a 'leaver' or 'remainer' in the Referendum, you can rest assured that our twinning with Gorron is still forging ahead!  The evidence for this was more than   apparent, when in spite of the Brexit decision, our friends from Gorron duly arrived on Saturday 25th June to participate in the '999' day on Sunday 26th June. A truly excellent day for all concerned, and a great addition to our twinning activities.

The delegation from France consisted of Christine Fournier, the Deputy Mayor of Gorron, accompanied by Roselyne and Pascal from their Twinning Association. Also representing the Gorron area were two retained fire fighters, Ludovic and Antoine

As far as we were concerned, there were two novelties in this year's 999 day. For the first time, Gorron/Hayling Twinning had a stand to help spread the word about our activities. Secondly, links between our and their local fire fighters were firmly established. Representatives from Gorron were introduced to their counterparts in our area, and participated fully in the many activities throughout the day. Ludovic, resplendent in full ceremonial uniform complete with kepi, and Antoine were shown and given detailed information of the equipment and methods used by their UK counterparts.  They were able to compare notes, exchange information and 'best practices' in a very productive way. In France, 70% of firefighters in France are 'retained' and it is interesting to note that their firefighters are also in effect paramedics, a trend now being developed in the UK. In both countries, in addition to their traditional role in dealing with fires, firefighters are also increasingly responsible for environmental, bio-chemical and anti-terrorist related activities. This visit was the start of an on-going relationship and cooperation between the respective organisations.

Both Deputy Mayors of Gorron and Havant were also able to have useful exchanges throughout the day, the recent Brexit vote a predictable subject of much discussion.... and humour! The French delegation also participated in the unveiling of a plaque to inaugurate the new public access defibrillator at the Surf Cafe.

There were many other highlights in the very varied activities organised throughout the day, which many of you will have seen if you were present. One in particular which involved our French guests was the traditional reconstruction of Winston Churchill's review of the Fleet from the Royal's balcony during WW2. There was much puffing on a cigar, a mimed version of Churchill's 'on the beaches' speech, and 'V' signs a'plenty from Laurie Noble, our own HIADS 'Winnie'! Both French and our National Anthems were played by the Band, and, perhaps the highlight of the day, a magnificent Spitfire fly past. Our most generous hosts whose Royal balcony was used kindly supplied plentiful quantities of champagne and cakes for our guests and a representative of our Twinning Association...well, someone had to do the hard work!

Whether it is the main annual visits, la Fete de la Musique, pub nights and other less formal exchanges, many members give a lot of their time to organise events to include the very strong social and fun elements which help to forge long lasting friendships between our associations. Our thanks therefore go to the organisers of this highly successful visit, which our guests thoroughly enjoyed and will remember for years to come. Also to Sue and Peter for hosting a lovely, convivial lunch on Sunday, and accommodating some of our guests. 'Merci' to the members who mounted then moved, manned and supported our stand, and, finally, to the dozen or so members who joined in the 'au revoir' dinner for our guests at the Ferry Boat on Sunday evening.

'Onwards and forwards', and long live the 'Entente Cordiale'!

(Toby 27/6/16)