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Feb 21, 2019
Cosy Quiz 2019
Feb 21, 2019
Annual Dinner
Feb 21, 2019


Aug 6, 2018
A roundup of news and a heads up of forth-coming events!

Who Are We?

The Twinning Association is open to everyone and anyone. There are no pre-requisites other than the wish to socialise and perhaps help out occasionally with events.
There is no requirement for members to speak french or even go on the french trips since many members simply enjoy the Association's Hayling Island based social events. See below for information on how to join us, and for more information on the current organisation please look at our organisation page.

Feb 21, 2019

Cycle ride


Category: General
Posted by: Allan
Early in September a small intrepid band of Hayling Islanders decided to sample the delights of cycling through the gorgeous late Summer French Countryside.  This was assisted in style by our great friends from Gorron who hosted Pete & Sue, Dave & Sue and Colin & Anita at both ends of our mini expedition.  

After meeting up with our hosts Catherine & Michel and Marie-France & Claud on the evening of the first day we all went off to the Papillon restaurant at the bottom of the Rue de Normandie in the centre of Gorron, which may be new to some of our twinning members but was excellent.  We were joined for the festivities by Pascal & Arielle, Jeanne-Claud & Roselyne, and Claude & Arlette where the 16 of us had a lovely meal with great service.  

We started the ride South heading towards Mayenne mid-morning the next day slightly distressed to learn that Catherine’s car had been stolen overnight.  Our thoughts went out to her in staying so calm and thinking of her guests, which was very much appreciated.
We stopped in Mayenne where there was a lovely market for a coffee (cider for some) and picked up the ingredients for a picnic later in the ride.  On reaching the river cycle path and going South towards Laval the riding was really pleasant and it was not hard to find a lovely spot next to a lock gate for a team lunch.  
On arriving in Laval a compulsory beer was felt appropriate before heading off to find our overnight accommodation.  Peter & Sue had managed to find us literally a mansion over 4 floors which led to a great nights sleep after the daily exertions, of course only after a trip into town for dinner in the old quarter. Colin and Anita probably had the better night sleep after having drawn the short straw in having to sleep on the 4th floor of our very large ‘town’ house!
The next day was a reverse of the first with an easy start along the relatively flat cycle path along the side of the Mayenne River with a quaint stop for coffee and bike repairs on the way. Mayenne found us looking for lunch again with a variety of lovely French sandwich rolls bought in the main square.  To prepare ourselves for the ‘undulating’ ride ahead to Gorron it seemed that beers (and cider) were appropriate for the full team.

It was great to arrive in Gorron ahead of schedule as it seemed that another compulsory end of ride beer was called for at the Restaurant du Brocage. Catherine and Michel Duchemin then graciously hosted a splendid meal at their house with Jeanne-Claud & Roselyne cooking a superb feast for almost the same group that attended the Papillon on our first day.  An excellent meal with good company in a lovely house.

The Hayling team all had a really lovely weekend with great French weather made all the more special by the generous hospitality of the people of Gorron.